Friday, 22 March 2013

Why can't you be happy?

Oh, still your flapping tongue,
Brazen harpy.
Why can't you be happy, you have what you want!
It is not you in the cold, in the weather,
Toiling to get through
Denied that which he loves.
Why come at me with your vileness?
Why come at me at all?
I am not stone, but no blood shall you drain from me.
Time is my ally for now, time is your enemy
Quit chewing at the bone that has no more meat
You turned your back, you walked away
YOU not I.
I'm paying my dues
I'm paying your dues
Can't you be happy with that?

It's not enough to strip the skin from the flesh
The flesh from the bone
You want more
Forget it.
If you're not happy, the fault is hardly mine
I shall not accept the blame of your folly
Nor you, mine
Go play with your new toys
I no longer care
You're not even a shade with your false friendship
And barbed rejoinders

Go then.
Just go.
You had your chance, you had your chances.
I lost count
And just closed my eyes
And counted the ways I am lucky
That it was "fuck you" rather than "good bye."