Sunday, 23 February 2014


The rise and fall of the ocean
Is the sound of the planet breathing
Sibilant sighs
Punctured with the rough gargle of foamy gravel
Speckled with salty barks of calm and rage
As each tongue lash gouges fresh channels
Through rock and sand
In ageless splendour

I can only watch, humbled
And shake under her call
I am only human
Next to her, I have no power at all

Saturday, 22 February 2014


From supernova,
I opened my eyes
Creation from destruction
In dark and endless skies
These far horizons for parsecs
On every point of a gilded compass
From this violent womb
New life shall the old life surpass

Benign deity, bemused observer
Of that which has been before
I am crowned with this halo
Around a bleak and barren rocky core
Gathered momentum on a single axis
Spinning into eternal dark
A collection of frantic collisions
Around the single birthing spark

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Is there more than this?

There has to be a better way to live life
Beyond the hit and miss scratches
Of careless love
And the hyperactive need for distraction
From shorthand conversations
Reduced to banal symbols that have no meaning
As our attention spans get shorter and shorter
And the SFX take out the storyline
Of yet another 80s remake

We sit glued to seven inches of life support
And wonder

Is there more than this?

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


So I stared into the face of Mother Moon
And she stared back
Her gaze uncompromising

She knows my secrets, my desires
Hidden deep and dark behind
The stillness of my eyes
Black lakes, unfeeling

We share a connection of sorts
This orbiting rock and the mortal knave
Turning his collar against the cold
As familiar to his skin as a lover

Our silence is a mutual bond; no words we need
She can read my thoughts like a tableau
She knows the darkness of my past
And why I choose this nocturnal run under her gaze

Was through the window she gazed
At that crucial moment, the only witness
A co-conspirator, my confessor,
Though absolution is the farthest track of my mind

She knows now why I hurry, heart racing
Constant wringing of crimson gloved hands
Carried by the stain of guilt
To be as far from this place when Mother Moon disappears.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Worst Thing

Don't be afraid, take the chance
It's only love, they say
A fickle chemistry, unstable reactions
Fireworks, that untested atomic bomb
What's the worst thing that can happen?

Strange how it is easier to advise than take advice
Hindsight makes a brilliant teacher
Without a time machine
Still doomed on that treadmill to run at a horizon
Fixed, unmoving

Stop me if you've heard this before
Take the needle from the record spinning
Wearing out that groove
That same conversation we've had many times
Over a dozen's dozen of drinks

I can laugh now, secure in my loneliness
Peculiar in being single while my friends
Traipse in twos
I loved once upon a time, so long now
I've forgotten that moment when two hearts beat as one

Jaded? I could be. Void of feeling? Sure
But I'm the artist painting this portrait
It can be any way I want
I like fine lines, naked truth, spots of blood and bone
The truth should be served cold, colder than revenge, after all

Cold grey, dark black. Blue.
And an empty patch of white where my heart used to be
Oh, and dappled clouds hiding the face of the sun
Because it will rain here, forever
And I stand on this corner, alone, without an umbrella.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


So tired... so tired...

Lie awake, afraid to dream
Petrified to hear the screams
My own heart racing in my chest
Duelling with madness, the ultimate test

These images of dread on the walls of my mind
Her eyes are closed; mine, opened, are blind
Feeling the walls as they draw ever near
Pray for morning sunlight to make meaning clear

So lost... so lost...

A galley of faces, strangers all

Arranged in lines along my hall
Eyes that follow, frowns disapprove
As empty lips around hollow words move

And as the air thickens, and we struggle to breathe
As the hallways become wider, and longer
And every step forwards feels like two taken back
And the laws of physics and logic are deceived
Every scream soundless and every truth a lie
And with but a thought, we can jump and leave the earth
Take to wings and fly

All this twisted, wicked, distortion
The thinning nexus of time
As we stand among the multitudes
And try to say goodbye
The part of me that's longing knows
That this is but a dream
And the sky will soon be torn asunder
And once more there shall be the screams...

Monday, 3 February 2014


Blue is the colour
Quiet mediation
Turn the newspaper pages and pray
For something better

Playing blind dates on Trade Me Jobs
For that winning ticket to a
Better Life

Dreary, as five o'clock melts into six
Mashed potatoes, a palmful of vegetables
And some undercooked meat
Devoid of inspiration

Dread, that cloaked entity
Sits watching by the clock at the bedside
Futile glances and prayers, more prayers
That the numbers on the face will fall off...

This is the blues
Every Sunday without fail
That nagging itch, knowing tomorrow starts a new week

What to look forward to?
Soggy sandwiches at noon
The same conversations, the same lax grins
Tired jokes, laughter punctuated by cigarette smoke

And that longing
No longer for payday but Friday
And a whimsical chance to sleep in.