Friday, 8 March 2013

Broken China

Close your eyes, but it won’t go away
The words in the air, dark and thick like stains
I see you guessing, trying to mend your lies
Behind us both, doors slam on better times

Our empty promises won’t fill a broken cup
Yet we both pour in vain to reach the top
We claw the walls, searching for a grip
Don’t hold your tongue if the words seem to fit

From a distance, everything looks beautiful
Until up close, you see the bruises and the scars
You see the cover, the fa├žade, the shimmering shell
And the first glimpse of the pallid worm writhing within

Yea, though I believe in light and I believe in hope
And though I try to avoid pain the best of times
I know that some things are broken beyond repair
Like the broken china in the aftermath

So I guess this is where the line has to be drawn
Not just a toe dragged across the sand
We should lay the pieces of our love to rest
Like the broken china in the aftermath

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