Friday, 22 March 2013

Eye to eye

The night is dark
Hides the tears forming in my eyes
That I don't want you to see
Your words come
Knife blows to my heart
You're slowing bleeding me

Is this the end?
Eyes downcast to my shoes
I won't beg another chance but
Seal this with a kiss
Then will turn to walk away
There shall be no final dance

So it seems my heart misplaced
My love was in vain
I cannot see a way forward
Chase my tears in the rain
At least eye to eye, everything is true

Eye to eye, we cannot lie
But nor are we beholden to tell the truth
The irony, it seems
Take what you believe
To be true

This is the end
Lonely I stand alone at the edge
You call my name
But I'm not listening any more
I've read the lines between the lines
No longer want to play the game

It's a long way down
I shall remember
As I fall
The first time we met
Before your smile turned upside down