Tuesday, 12 March 2013

When you're a fool


Alone in the night, by moonlight
Under stars and yellow streetlights
Burning bright
Set the scene… reverse angle, camera

Dark, it’s dark outside, closed eyes
Panic makes me late
Nervous sweaty tears and shrieks
I try not to think!

I clutch my toothbrush tight
It’s all right, too bright
Turn off the glaring light
Bathroom mirror steamy dreamy so slippery
Floored, galore, karaoke bars and more
My smile is wrong I should have left it home
But the hole in my pocket is all I can show

Ah! Tea please, Daisy likes the drains
Takes two aspirin takes two pains
Mm, honey, honey sweet thing, face so fair
I can’t believe that you’re not here…

But my fingers hurt and my scalp itches
And my girlfriend’s friends are a pair of bitches
But that’s all right because I can’t hear them
I can’t hear them at all
And that’s fine
I’ll turn off the light, goodnight
Sleep tight…

Whispers chitter chatter on my nerves
Isn’t she hot stuff? Cut a serve
Fly, dizzy solider, glide, ride and hide
Oh my nervous tic in my left eye.
Hm, laughter sounds so cool
When you’re a fool…

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