Tuesday, 26 March 2013

If only the dead sleep soundly

If only the dead sleep soundly
Nestled in dreamless dark
Under oceans black as endless starless nights
Would we come, you and I
Greet with hearts devoid of love fire
Upon broken shipwrecked shores of light?

Nay, there is no soft remorse
Of dying candles burned low
As our last soft breath quits parted lips
But some kind of pleasure
Our fruitless union
Beggared, the plunder of sunken galleon ships

Thrown unto these waves
Un-navigated the seas wild
We throw our lot to fates miserly hand
Behind us the swollen sun
That face of burning glory
Chasing our shadows over barren land

If each new beginning from an end begun
Each promise alight from a false tongue
Beggared belief; what is true?

Token love, token gold
And all these tokens stripped from my soul
No token for Charon; and none for you