Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Promise me
That if I fell, your gravity would hold me safe
In your arms
And promise me
All will be well, that your love will keep me warm

Can you feel that
Can you feel the beating of my heart
As we spin around and around
This dance that we perform
A short distance between us
Could be chasms miles apart

Hold me
Let me feel the gravity of your touch
In your arms
Hold me
Tell me everything will be all right

Can you hear that
Can you hear me whispering your name
As we clamber about in the dark
This dance of shadows
Each around the other spinning
Knowing our love is not a game

Gravity, pulling and pushing
As the moon dances around the Earth
The sacred ring of propriety
Measuring our worth
I hold onto this periphery, it is all I can do
Knowing that which attracts like a magnet
Also like a magnet repels

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