Saturday, 16 March 2013


I hear voices inside my head
Like I’ve mistuned the radio.
They’re getting louder and louder inside there
And I think I want to go home.
I see the people stopping to stare at me…
I see their faces; they’re laughing at me…
But they’re all too blind to see…
That the voices are everywhere.

There’s the voice inside your brain
Telling you this won’t hurt (a bit).
There’s the voice that comes from behind you
When you’re late for work.
There’s the hissing tune before you close your eyes and go to bed…
And the damn thing doesn’t shut up until you’re dead...

I hear voices inside my head
Like a bad tuned FM station in my head.
I think I can just make out what it is they’re saying.
On my knees before you now, if you’d only hear my praying.

There’s the voice of truth crossing its fingers
And telling lies.
There’s the voice of reason burning bridges
And breaking ties.
There’s the voice on the other end of a telephone…
There’s the voice inside that wants you to come home.

I hear voices inside my head.
You offer me advice; I’ll take a drink instead.
Something stronger than the coffee I had this morning,
Something to keep my mind on track, help me to ignore
These voices in my head…

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