Monday, 11 March 2013

why can't everything be easy?

I want to hear the truth
I want to hear your lies
What I want is to hear
That everything will be all right
You’ve dealt from the pack
And I haven’t looked at my cards
But I will throw all I’m worth
Into the warmth of your arms
Sometimes a gamble is worth it
We might as well try
For I’ve said it’s too late
For regrets when you die
And you’re kicking and screaming
And chasing your dreams
While what we are fighting for
Splits at the seams
And the fruit of your anger
Born of a seed
Adds insult to injury
Cos when you cut me
Don’t I bleed?
My glass is half empty
My glass is half full
And I’m drowning in sorrow
And I’m feeling a fool
Because I said how I’m feeling
I put my thoughts into words
And you’ve denied my emotions
You think it’s absurd
You don’t know what you do want
But you know what you don’t
You think you will know it one day
But I know you won’t
You’re hoping to find
What really hasn’t been lost
You will sell your soul
To finance the cost
Now I’m begging you darling
Please, do not go
At least have the heart inside you
To please tell me no.

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