Saturday, 9 March 2013


Why are you staring at me?
You make me nervous
I can’t hold my teacup properly
My pinkie is misplaced
I think I spilled it, mind
There’s so much to live for
But I haven’t the patience to wait

Why are you glaring at me?
You’re making me angry
I’m holding my teacup tightly
My head is aching
I feel it breaking, kind
Words cannot placate me
I’m past the point of no return

I feel rage red as blood
I want to break
I want to destroy
I curse
I swear
Tear out my hair
Is it for the sake of attention?
I see your docile eyes stare
Indolence… despair?
An edge is creeping into your voice…
As if you really care
But I can’t hear you
I’d just ignore you
If I could
I’d hurt you
Break you into pieces
And scatter you to the winds
This madness enfolds me
Blinds me
Binds me
A scream from my lips
Electric fingertips
Are you afraid?
You are afraid
I’m afraid too
Afraid that I might hurt you…

I close my eyes, ignore your cries
Finally I am satisfied
I leave you where I put you
And watch the cars passing in the street
I cross my arms in silence and upon contemplation

My catharsis is


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