Wednesday, 13 March 2013


a sliver of glass
an open mind
a dripping tap
a waste of time
a silver coin
some scarlet pain
front temporal lobe
the pouring rain
promised love
a mended heart
a life to end
an end to start
the first refrain
a song is sung
the gun is shot
the race is run
a stitch in time
the empty cup
tried to hide
but fucked it up
no end in sight
no light in mind
a borrowed dream
no luck to find
my love is dry
my words are hard
race to no end
back to the start
forever old
forever new
forever bold
forever blue
a crazy smile
wink of an eye
in a little while
we all will die
turn your face
towards the rain
come inside
into the shade
do not tarry
waste not your time
a one way street
a single line
mountain stream
craggy hill
picture frame
window sill
cold heart
broken mind
old men
still life
work hard
work long
last dance
swan song