Monday, 18 March 2013

I drew a line

I drew a line on an empty page
The line became a smile
I drew a line that stretched for eternity
I drew a line that went for a mile

I drew a line on the desert sand
To mark the places I have been
Other lines for other times
And others for faces I have seen

I drew a line I couldn’t cross
I drew a line across my skin
I marked a path so clear and true
A line between my needs and whims

I drew a line that promised love
Another steeped in hate
Yet more lines of promises broken
A cold hearth, an empty grate

All these lines that I have marked
Lines to make my history
To mark moments of deepest glee
And the darkest chains of misery

Have I learned a lesson from my pencil’s scrawls?
Or shall I continue on the lane
Of drawing words, inspirations
Will I take them to the grave?

I have drawn lines all my life
Is this all that is left for me?
I have no room left for guilt at all, why should I
Apologise for being me?

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