Thursday, 7 March 2013

Sands of Time

 You know the truth is all you can see with your eyes
You know that belief can be stronger than lies
You know that in your mind there has to be God though only for a little time
Try to see it from my point of view; my peace of mind
You see the truth with eyes that are open wide
You know the truth is what you decide
The pain always ends in its own way in its own time
And you know Time passes always in a straight line

You know a bullet can’t change a point of view
You know an army is powerless against you
The strongest backs are broken by a single word
While wars are begun with the casting of a single stone

You listen to the people preaching what they think is right
You know a candle holds off even the darkest night
You’d lose an arm for a sack of shining gold
You know it’s never too late to sell me your soul

You know that some things can anaesthetise
You accept that society wants you to be paralysed
You know that you’re easier to manage that way
And you’re not foolish enough of your thoughts to say

You know the system takes humourlessly your criticism
You open your heart to indulge in the catechism
You know in your heart with every second that passes by
That in the not too distant future, you’re going to die

You know that if there’s a heaven then there’s a hell
You don’t doubt that, I know, I can tell
My foolish friend, to have listened to this much
Let not the sands of time get in your lunch!

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