Friday, 25 April 2014

Whatever Happens


Whatever happens
I made that promise, forever
And no other dotted line, or bonds and shackles
Will turn me aside
Or shatter this covenant
That I have given you

Should the world be broken
Torn asunder, by violent fevered hands
In fits of rage or spite
Hold true that promise, made forever
This golden covenant
To forever hold true

This is my promise, my absolution
When the world overwhelms and crowds around me
And I should retreat to hide somewhere, alone
Know that once the storm is over
And with the return of clear blue skies
That I will come and find you

Whatever happens
I make that promise,
The promise... forever


Here I am and there you are so far away from me
Looking up into the darkened heavens
Wondering if it's the same moon you see

The stars appear to wink, slyly preoccupied in their space
Of whirling galaxies, detached observers
Fixing me to this place

I count the miles from here to there, from the map on the wall
Trace the highways, and with my finger, fly
And in my dreams I hear you call...

I want to swim in the depth of your eyes
And glide on the width of your smile
I want to paint dreams on the walls of your mind

Want to lay down here with you for a while

I want you to feel safe in my loving embrace
And feel together when we are apart
I want to give the entire world to you
At least the part I am on for a start

I want to be your everything
Making daisy chain tokens of love
I want to be there through joy and despair
To be higher than the sky above

Oh, can’t you see
This is meant to be
A harmony for
Two angels to sing


There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide
And no way to turn off these feelings that
I hold inside

You're the vision in my mind, you are there in my dreams
All that holds me together as the world
Falls apart at its seams

If there is one absolute truth, then let it be this
Your light shall guide me, forever
To the safe harbour of your kiss

And as the sun sets on this day
And I slowly close my eyes
And as the visions from the darkness play
I know how much I've always wanted this

And while the sea between us lies
Beyond our out stretched fingertips
I count the seconds until that first touch
I know I've always wanted this...

Whatever happens between now and then
We will steel our resolve, whisper down the line
Again... and again

And while Time now seems an enemy, a dearth
Maybe Time is just a friend in disguise
Waiting with the patience of the Earth

Whatever happens
I make that promise,
The promise... forever


Wednesday, 9 April 2014

You Know I Will Be Back

Your love is...
A drug
Hooked, I just can't get enough
You know I will be back
For more

I can't help myself
Can't tell the pleasure
From the pain
Keep coming back for more
And more
And more
Again and again

It's no good for me
Infects me like
A disease
And yet here I am
Falling at your feet, again
Admitting defeat, again

Got me hooked

And even though I know better
And I know I should just forget her
She just has to say my name
And there I am
Happy to be with her... again
But what is different this time,
That wasn't there last time?
Another spin, different lines, more
Promises, proclamations, lies?
Until I am spinning out of control
Bleeding from my soul
Cast aside... until...

Next time
And despite my reservations
Knowing our history
Once more I give in to temptation

Can't escape your winning smile
And your promises

You know I will be back.

And I know it, too.

When my eyes close

We shared quaint philosophies
About the moon
Over a quiet drink or two
Running down old memories
Your head on my shoulder
My heart racing in my chest

If I ever wanted time to stand still
That would be the time
As we waxed lyrical
Around a myriad of subjects
Comfortable with familiarity
Thrilling in new discovery

Oh, that perfect moment
Maybe now touched rose with
A nostalgic hue
Nonetheless, a moment cherished
Enough to bring a slow smile
Before a fresh wave of sadness

Now the moon sits full and heavy
Silver halo on a bed of dark clouds
My reflection is sober, introspective
In pain I count the long hours
And yet, when my eyes eventually close
I will dream of you again

Monday, 7 April 2014

Before Goodbye

I cannot remember a moment such as this
Life on pause, waiting
Tongue tied, fingers poised
Still waiting... no reply

Time. Seconds turn into days
Even the monotony of every day can't shift the haze
Bide my time, practised lines
Still waiting... no reply

To say the silence is killing me,
Is an overstatement
Yet we reap what we sow
Such a shitty investment

And I
I close my eyes
And I
I hope I see her tonight
Even if in these dreams
Might find the right words to say
Before goodbye.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Next Horizon

That moment
When everything around you is a blur
And what was once important, means nothing
Just empty phrases, empty gestures
A robotic shuffle from A to B

That moment
Where you turn on an axis, this watershed
Unsure which way is forward
But knowing that that which is behind you
Cannot compare to what may be over the next horizon.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Nothing New Here

How the heartbreak, once devastating
Is healed; and seamlessly
As we scuttle from one disaster
To the next
Where once we bemoan Fate's dealt hand
And turn inward, curse ourselves
Our imperfections
Wallow in self pity and blame

"I will never love again!"
That worn out catchphrase,
That cry for attention.
Woe. Oh, woe!
Your life has ended
Will nothing ease this pain?

Dark thoughts
Pits of despair
The bottom of many a bottle
Green eyes, mulish pursing of one's lips
At the happiness of others
While your mind's dagger drags over the whetstone
Plots of vengeance
The sour grapes upon the rotten vine

Until the next rogue, with silken words
And deft fingers
Unlocks the shackles - self imposed, of course -
Of your heart
With promises and attentions
And that charming smile

So unlike the others, who you only remember
From the bitterness of the end
When their hollowness was exposed
And their litany of perfection was naught but lies
Oh how you take the bait on offer
Good fish
Suddenly forgetting the dark moments
And tear stained cheeks
The heart rending, pathetic
"I will never love again!"


The cycle, started anew
On the same old worn path
With no surprises
Lurches like a trainwreck
In slow motion
But we can't close our eyes, nor turn our heads
When it is played and replayed
Right before us
Ad infinitum

We, well-practiced cynics
Wait for the derailment
With tired patience
Sagacity dulled with boredom

Nothing new here.