Friday, 29 March 2013

This Time

This time
Measured in grains of sand
Poured from Apathy’s hand
Saved in the pages of memory
And history
Relentless march
Down doomed streets
How we repeat our mistakes
Caught on a promise, a lie

This time
In a castle’s keep
Lost the vestiges of sleep
A princess dreams of a crown
A prince
Unstoppable time
Only forwards
How we delude ourselves
Caught on a promise, a lie

No time for me
Drifting across a sad faced moon
I seek, but straws I reach
This time

When will I see?
Past mistakes
When will I learn?
And let go
Caught on a promise, a lie
Someone else’s faith
A ship
Sailing by

There is no truth, no absolution
Only the promise of hereafter
Yet we each blunder forward
To reach that single point
This time...