Saturday, 16 March 2013

An Angel in the Rain

An angel I saw in the misty rain
Drops of gossamer in pearls glistening on her skin
An averted gaze, thin lipped smile
Not quite enough to hide her pain

I could approach and break the spell
But my words, too coarse, would break the silence
Settled peacefully over the world we share
Shatter the air like the peal of a death knell

Yet I can't wait, for waiting is surely slow death
But action would be swift; but less cruel
Either way, I can only stand in this cover
And try to disguise the rush of my every breath

But too late, the angel in the rain
Turns away
Into the mist she disappears
And I am standing alone with just that lingering
Fleeting sense of longing, biting
My tongue, rough, with malice
Cursing my stupidity, inaction, indecision
Cursing my cowardice

Would it not have been better to speak my mind,
Than to bury the words, unspoken?
Surely a risk is worthy of taking,
Even when risking my heart broken?