Saturday, 1 June 2013


Smiled wan and fading
Tired face is aging
Thought the world had forsaken me and left me on my own

I was wrong to think
I was wrong to say
Those things I felt
In my mind, decaying

Lined and craggy skin
Lined withered within
And without I cannot perceive on the inside I am dying

So damn strong
So damn free
And lost in the sinking tide
Unable to swim

I fight

Crimson shadows lakes of burning
Silver pools of lightning
Here I am so small and frail
Clutching my chest in my hands
As my heart begins to fail
Standing here alone and lonely
Looking learning listening lying

At my misfortune
Wooden faces of the Demon God
With crossed arms and a frown
Looking down

Looking down on me

And inevitably, I turn westwards
But the sun is rising.

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