Thursday, 30 May 2013

Who is the happy soul?

Who is the happy soul
Lost in his own sense of importance
Never knowing that behind his admirer’s eyes
Are blue irises of fear?

Who is the happy soul
longing for an affectionate touch
A kiss that never could be his
A love that never was?

And she’s afraid to close the window on his pleas
and she’s afraid to tell him what she thinks
and she’s afraid to feed the coiled spring lest the
creature bites and opens its true eyes
and shows the other side

And yet she must admit that this other animal
Is really what she wants to see
For unlike the miserable happy soul
This thing is real; as real as real can be

And the time bomb ticks in her hands
And she must decide whether it is her or him
For even the coldest hearted person knows

It’s too late once you’ve pulled the pin…

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