Monday, 17 June 2013


If the sky was still blue and the grass was still green
If the lights never faded what will you remember of me?
Looking through the keyhole to another dimension
Another world…

                It feels the same
                This eternity
                So many things to do
                Time is slipping by
If we could grow old together, each in a different time
If the light in our eyes never dimmed, what will you remember of me?
Dreaming our lives in sleeping tides
Of a rolling sea…

                We’re still the same
                Changing slowly
                But changing all the same
                Time has run away

If the world would stop spinning and day not turn to night
If we could walk the other way and keep this day forever
What would you think of me?

If we had forever, and we lived in yesterday,
If the roses opened and stayed in bloom forever
Would you still think of me?

                Nothing is the same
                We change, they change
                Our hearts grow and die
                And Time—

                                —he is no enemy, nor friend
                                he has no beginning, yet there is an end
                                a darkness of the soul
                                the closing of a hand

If I said I loved you, what would you think of me?