Friday, 14 June 2013

No Goodbye

Without saying goodbye, she went away
No final words, just... gone, without a trace
And I am left to face the world alone
Not knowing left from right, or which way I should go

I felt the rift growing between us long before parting ways
But I was too scared to make mention of it, in those formative days
Scared, perhaps, to make it seem real
Or perhaps, most likely, was scared, so scared, to tell her how I feel

So, with no words and no solemn goodbye
She left; the day, I remember, was cold, grey clouds hanging in the sky
A grim prognostication tore me from my bed early that morning
And while I feed this cold fire more fuel, it's only my heart that is burning

I wonder what would have happened had she stayed
Without any word of warning, would her leaving still have caused dismay
Or am I simply too romantic deep in a poet's heart
To comprehend the race was a circle that ends where it starts?

This stubborn pride, the mighty oak unbending in the breeze
This beating heart measuring time, my life, like an incurable disease
To have one more late night conversation, perhaps to hold her once more
Before a lingering goodbye, a promise, perhaps, before the closing of the door

Such things in movies are played out, overdone, made trite
All I can do is wish you the best, sweet dreams, my love, and good night.

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