Saturday, 29 June 2013


Pure heart
I reach out
To touch those silken tresses
Gliding through my fingers
Such soft caresses
This foundered love
Going nowhere
Quiet infatuation
I can only stop and stare

Aching too much
Unspoken words
Longing for perfection in azure eyes
A beating heart
This frozen wasteland I despise
My foundered love
Captured in jagged rhyme
I catch my tongue too often
No, this is not the time

          I could lay here in the light of morning
Watching you sleep
Every curve of you etched forever in my mind
The treasure of our time together
Every precious smile
Every touch, every kiss
How ethereal in this gold of dawn,
Your hair floating on your pillow, a halo
The rise and fall of your chest
Your breathing, a song

But this is not my time, this is not my fate
I am caught in a strung out moment, a limbo
I am being told to wait
And while my heart aches and I yearn for this again
I know that should I cage the impatience
And count off the days, and wait

Someday, as pure as the cold ice of a glacier
More powerful than the tsunami that breaks
I will hold you in the fortress of my arms
I will do whatever it takes

I will do whatever it takes...

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