Saturday, 22 June 2013

Reinventing the truth

We stand face to face
This gap of inches that could very well be miles
We play our cards so close to our chests
The daggers of our teeth hidden behind vulpine smiles

And it's hard
Working the lie
Keeping the line on line on time
Not forgetting what you've said
And who you've said it to
Not knowing what was right the first time
Or if you're reinventing the truth

Never looked eye to eye
There were so many times we failed to see
The hidden meaning behind carefully voiced opinions
Or the silences building walls between you and me

And it's hard
Working the lie
Trying to keep your smile a smile for that extra mile
Not forgetting who was there
Whose eyes would not be fooled
By the blinding lies of a tomorrow that shouldn't come
When you're reinventing the truth

Now you want to deal the blame
From a poisoned deck of cards
A loaded gamble stacked to favour the house
And to placate the feeding sharks

And it's hard working the lie
Practised so many times
Inside the confines of your head
But the words come out dead
The story convolutes beyond recognition
And those who know don't need the proof
They've seen if before and will see it again
That you're reinventing the truth

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