Saturday, 22 June 2013

Alone but not alone in my dreams

Alone but not alone in my dreams
I watch her move through the curtain screens
Yearning for touch but I’m so afraid
I find it’s easier to just turn away

I thought I could pick you a flower
And give it to you in half an hour
But I gave into the other needs
And gave you only a handful of weeds

Oh I’m so, so sorry, but the time is all wrong
And the voice-like tick in my watch has gone
And my hair doesn’t stay flat unless it is wet
Tell me your name again, I’ll try not to forget

But I feel so distracted when you’re around
I find my eyes keep staring at the ground
I’m afraid to look up and into your eyes
I’m afraid my lips will be paralysed

I morbidly fear the clothes that I wear
I’m conscious of the way the people stare
And if I’m seen with you in this miserable way
I don’t want to ruin your day

So I hide in my basement beneath the strong yellow light
And I’ll watch you from a distance until I think it’s all right
Though I’d rather join the wolves in a chorus to the moon

Then to tell you, sincerely, that I love you.

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