Sunday, 2 June 2013

State of Mind

There’s a shadow sitting over my head
There’s a pair of hands holding my heart
I try so hard to find the words to say
But I don’t know where I should start.
I know the world has turned its back to me,
I know sometimes it doesn’t seem to care
And I know it is foolish for me to think
That I am everywhere.

                But I keep myself running high on my delusions.
                It helps me to justify my illusions.
There has to be some kind of compromise
At least, there must be a change
In a world that wants to criticise
A man who seems a bit strange.
There has been times aplenty
Where I just have to scream
To tear away the cloudiness
To break free of this Godforsaken dream.

            But I find myself lying broken in my dreams
And the fabric of my mind begins to fray at the seams.

I pray each night that God can help me
I ask the angels to hold my hand
I am hoping for a miracle, but is it too
Much for a mortal like me to demand?
But hope is not salvation,
It’s only a four letter word.
It’s more than I believe in,
It’s more than I deserve.

            The world is laughing at me behind my back
And it seems to them that I’ve ran off the track.

I hold onto this faint glimmer of light
Burning so bright at night in your eyes
And as I whisper your name in my sleep
I can’t help not to hear all your cries.
But I guess that you’re sorry
That I ever came into your life
Sorry is such a pathetic word

When I know that you are right.

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