Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Why does your story upset me?

Why does your story upset me?
How can mere words make me cry?
You mumble tired apologies
And I feast on yet more lies

I’d like to think that I’m immune
To all your traps and your guile
But I hang myself on what you’ve said
While I am choking on my own bile

I am a fool, but not a martyr
And you aren’t exactly a saint
Yet entranced, you hold me with a smile
This false portrait that you paint

It’s time to cast aside the shadows
It’s time to throw aside the doubt
It’s time I learn some self respect
And allowed my emotions to come out

Too long held in bonds of silence
Too long, patient, biding time
Too blind to see a reason
I guess I just joined the end of the line

Your dark eyes, cold empty foundries
Of past love and lovers grown so cold
It’s not too late for me to let it go
After all, I am only getting old

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