Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Sweet Honey

Please don’t say this was for one night only
As our bodies share warmth
While outside, prodding rain fingers the glass of the windows
And between the growls of thunder, deathly silence
Your head on my chest, my heart counting precious time
The alarm clock turned away so as not to mar the moment
With interference from the world beyond
Beckoning us to rejoin the common push and grind

Let us instead rejoice of this new connection
A moment shared with awkwardness, yet comfort
As we shed our embarrassment and our inhibitions
And left the world behind at the door
And here we lay now, sheets askew, sufficiently exhausted
Taking small measures in simple pleasures afforded
From a gentle touch and murmured conversation
As on the abyss of slumber we totter, but not yet fall

                Please, let this not be once
                This embrace
                This act
                To awaken sometime later and hide our nakedness
                In shame
                With the promise to meet, a lie no sooner spoken
                Than broken
                Don’t make me wait
                A prisoner in torment
                While you decide
                To cut the ties
                With the same worn out lines
                I’ve heard a million times

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