Monday, 24 June 2013

I, The Fool

It’s cold outside, and you have nowhere to go.
And now I say, “I told you so,”
You should never have let him under your skin.
You should never have given in.
But you weren’t thinking with your mind
And I wasn’t the only one who thought you were blind.
But you didn’t listen as you always do,
And now the shit has stuck to you.
But you never really gave much credence to thought
You’ve given your love up to be bought
By some hypercritical man steeped in winning charm
Who, like all the others, swore you no harm,
And yet, you never saw or you ignored that dark twinkle in his eyes
Or the way he owned you even when you bought his lies
Because you were in love, and he was perfection
And you'd swear on the bible there was a perfect connection.
Chemistry, you call it; that electrical spark,
Now burned out and useless, you here in the dark.

It’s cold outside, and you have nowhere to go.
And now I say, “I told you so.” 
But the warning's too late, always, much to my regret,
And the wounds, ever deeper, still heal and you once more forget,
The depth of the feelings I hold in the prison of my heart
As you come full circle, arrive back at the start.
I, the Fool, will once more be that friend,
To clean you up, help you mend,
And set you once again onto your feet,
In time for the next suitor with roguish charm to entreat,
My sage words, ignored once more
Until next time you knock upon my door.