Friday, 26 April 2013


Saw the sunrise in the eastern sky
Heard the mourning birds cry
Caught a dew drop in my umbrella
Saw the pain fade awhile...
You are glory; an Apollo; the Golden Child

I tried to warn you of the dangers
Tried to warn you about your friends
Could have told you it would be so different
So different in the end

Saw your smile; obstination
Held your card in the palm of my hand
The hanged man, the man of bones, the dark man
Stranded in the desert sand
Trying to find his heart in a heartless land

I tried to tell you about the dangers
Tried to speak with words that are clear
You were running with the winged sandals
Far, far, far away from here

Heard a whisper through the tree tops
The bough that threatens to break
Saw those dark eyes, in a dark disguise
You're raping my mind of it's will to be free
Your light is so bright it is hurting my eyes

I could have surrendered my soul
I could have been a better man
I could have offered you both of my hands
If you were only happy enough to speak to me
And not to chastise me
I may have been able to warn you

I tried to warn you I tried to warn you
But it's too late
Now you're caught in the undertow.

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