Monday, 29 April 2013


Transient thoughts caught on breezes
Risqué watch glances, time that freezes
The man sells his soul to the devil in the desert
And everybody asks was it really worth it?

This barren land left untilled
No seed to squander, still none to spill
A mockery of laughing, painted faces
Of the gallery stands or a day at the races

Far be it for perfection to find in mere words
When daggers far better than mightier swords
Silence that shields behind walls to decay
Where sour recognition lays her head for the day

And just as we supposed the clouds to have passed
And just as we finish the last question we ask
And before the sun turns out his light
And before we bid each adieu and goodnight

A straw we each draw, longest to lean
And small and squat and all between
The bones we pick, chew and gnaw,
Till no hope between us throws down the wall

Our heart we guard as the dragon doth treasure,
And our pain, our experience, to our lives measure,
Brick work masonry that becomes our love’s foundation,
Finds itself collapsing in dust and confusion.

I’ve peeled back the flesh to expose the bone
Now you need only discover the marrow befouled wretched stone
You’ve promised the lies, you’re at home with the dead
But are you at home with the words you have said?