Saturday, 20 April 2013


Disillusioned, left cold
Wanting answers, a smile, perhaps
Something to ease life’s pain just a little.

Too much to ask?

If you knew me like you said you did,
You’d know what I meant
When I said nothing, and with arms folded
Eyes turned to the sky
Left the sleeping dogs to lie

Yet, I know you don’t know
When you ask
I know you don’t know when you dig
When you draw blood with your tongue
Your uncaring heart, seeking its own amusement
For the sake of fun

Am I that much an embarrassment,
To you? To myself?
I can only hide behind my mask and pray

Am I only useful, when needed, odd jobs and
Selfless tasks
Then, useless, cast away?

I am disillusioned. Not sure of what I seek
But knowing I won’t find it here
I might as well give up now and bury my heart
No one else wants it

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