Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Beautiful girl

We all know she’s a beautiful girl
We’ve been graced with her beautiful smile
There’s only one of her in this world
But none of us will ever find one like her

Too good to be true
Too good for me
Too good for you
It’s like that dream where you wake up crying
Knowing it will never come true

We all know she’s a beautiful girl
We’ve seen her drifting about the town
She walks on air, above the world
And we shan’t see another like her

This is too good to be real
Too good for the likes of you and I
This is just too good to be true
It is the dream where you wake up dying
Knowing that she was never meant for you

You know she is a beautiful girl
Golden hair and eyes of deep sea green
The rarest gem in the world
If you’ve only seen what I have seen

How can it be real?
Behind the mask, the coldness of her smile
No emotion behind those eyes
As they survey you blind like a child
You cannot honestly say
She will make you happy
Not when everyone else
Wants this beautiful girl