Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Bought you some flowers in a painted vase
With a note of love written in my hand
A verse dedicated to the time forever
A memorandum of our fruited plans

You promised me forever on that mild September
And it aches to remember we were over by November

Now I clutch at memories like a sailor waving to the air
As the waves crash over him treading water choking
Dying to draw breath seeing barely over the edge
As a finger pointing becomes a gun barrel blazing smoking

You promised me forever on that bitter wet September
And it hurts me to remember how you broke me by November

Our final time together was a floating pillow of despair
We only ever saw eye to eye
In the pits of our anger
Words like daggers drawn across our pale throats
Knives of hurt and horror
Wonder why we held onto this albatross so long
Why would we even bother?

But you promised me forever on the cold bitter September
I was fool enough to remember the bitterness of November
It’s a cross that I will carry, a symbol of my pride
A dark and twisted scar, a spear point in the side
And I will wear this crown of thorns to celebrate forever
How what you gave me in September you took from me in November