Wednesday, 3 April 2013


See the sky touched crimson and gold
Burning embers flicked across a canvas sky
Wait for the final throes of day
And the coming whisper of dark

Lovers hold onto brave promises
Closing eyes, offer a prayer
Of the sweetness of forever
On distant horizons afar

Sunset stretches for minutes
Touched with flecks of crimson and gold
As souls dance a final ballet
In gossamer thin laced shoes

Rest your head upon my shoulder
Your hand in my hand held
Watch the first diamond stars sparkle
The universe unfolds

This forever that you speak of
Under the sky crimson and gold
See eternity stretched forever
Twin hearts in one pulse sound

Let this sunset be our symbol
Of beginning not an end
For darkness does not forever last
We will be back to this place again

                To your heart this love I entrust
                To this love, this band I bring
                On this heaven, I bring thee music
                On these notes, of love I sing

                                Wandering comets overhead
                                Fortresses, domains
                                A castle built by loving hands
                                In golden lights we bathe

If forever I have promised, forever it will be
In this light of sunset, crimson and gold
Let us lovers be.