Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A Kiss

If time stood still in this perfect moment
Inches apart
Our breath held suspended, in that split second of longing
Eyes locked, wide, and knowing
Would this be too much?

If in that second, frozen
Around us life is busy churning
But we are locked in that one moment, that perfect heartbeat
You and I
Would this be too much?

And afterwards, when our lips cover that distance
And when our eyes open to stare one into the other
Would the return of time, the outside rushing
Would this be too much?

Can we hold onto forever encapsulated
In that one tiny moment
Where everything is perfect
In that one photographic memory
For eternity
Or will time slip through our fingers
As the memory lingers
Like the scent of old, barely remembered perfume?

Oh, unruly sun, and watchful, silent moon
How they dance around the sky
Timeless ballet

Is this, then, our fate?
Once united
To long for that first moment
To revive and relive it
Knowing that we can only backwards glance?

One kiss

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