Sunday, 7 April 2013

Trapped Under Ice

Trapped under ice
Imprisoned inside these prisms
These glittering jewels
Kaleidoscopes capturing rays from the smiling sun

Pushing forward, breathless
Frigid fingers teasing skin, combing hair
Following the bubbles to the surface
That we cannot penetrate

Above, the world; a shield of glass in between
Tapping at the crystal roof, screaming
Thrashing, violent churning, biting teeth of ice
Too long, too deep, too much, limbs heavy


Awaking in bed, alone
Head filled with chaotic thoughts
Outside, a car snorts into life, its headlights spearing the far
White wall
Memory tries to make the pieces make sense
But self preservation, that trick of the brain
Knows otherwise and hides
The clues
As to why, trapped under ice
Your leering smile, your face
Is the last thing I see
As my eyes close

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