Thursday, 23 May 2013

in the end...

…and in the end there is nothing left
There is no sadness
no grief
There is no joy
no relief
There is nothing to say
No one to speak to
There is no cold
There is no sun
This was how it all begun
There is no shadow
There is no light
no wrong
no right
There is no Saviour
There is no town
There is no wind to
Tear the curtain down
There is no pain
no discredit
There is no saving us
to our merit

All that is left in the end
is something that we will never comprehend
Just a ball of matter tightly curled onto itself
This ball of matter with thumb in mouth
An embryo ever breathing, living to be free
To open its closed eyes to try to see

In the end there is nothing
There is no hope
There is no sorrow
In the end we simply fade away if we must
Our dreams and illusions become only dust.

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