Friday, 24 May 2013

Wiser After the Event

It didn't hurt a bit
Not as much as I expected, anyway
It's behind me now, the past
I'm moving forward, achingly
Never felt as old as I do now, but
Knowing it's for the best
Doesn't make it any easier
Nor do I feel particularly blessed

Wiser after the event, isn't that the truth?
Say you're truly happy now
As I cradle the telephone and blink back the tears
That threaten to bring me down
I'd like to shoulder the burden of blame
Because that's what us nice guys do
But there's two sides to every story, my dear
And neither side is the truth

So this chapter I write off and consign
To being another bitter lesson learned
I dust off my jacket and mask my face
Rationalise these new stripes I've earned
But bitterness is a jagged pill when you know
You've done nothing wrong and
Contemplating ending everything
Belies your belief that you were the strongest one