Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Who I am

Somebody once asked me, “Who are you?”
And I thought I would take some time
To write some lines
Because I don’t have a clue

Who I am...

To see me walk alone on an empty street
You’d ask if I was lonely
To see me smile at a private joke
You’d wonder if I was crazy

I may not say too much aloud,
And keep my thoughts inside.
It may appear I walk too proud
And have so much to hide.
And when you try to get close
I may seem a little cold...

But it’s who I am
That is all

No spotlight shines upon me
No poster bears my name
I don’t throw largess from high places
Or wear the latest suits of fame

And if you call out to me
And I happen to turn away…

It’s who I am
That is all

Not the focus of attention, nor the fading flower on the wall
Not the wise ass cracking jokes, having Legions in his thrall;
But the introspective and the silent one, waiting for the ice the thaw
Waiting patiently for the path to clear and safely make the call.

It’s who I am
That is all

The passive spectator of life, the harbour in the storm
The source if support when needed, the hug to keep you warm
That familiar face in the sea of strangers whose trust you’ve earned complete,
But who won’t be more than an acquaintance should others of him entreat

It’s who I am
That is all

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