Saturday, 18 May 2013

No Man's Land

If God exists, what an irony
A face unseen, out stretched hand of glory
Fall onto bended knee, hold no other close to heart
This eternal crawl that ends where it starts
On and on we'll go, thoughtless mind control
Actors miming on a stage, play the starring role
Through it all, won't you take my hand?
As I navigate the twists of this no man's land

An end to the means, a means to an end
Whispered lies, hands clasped, unchallenged trend
A mockery of intellect, barren deserts of the soul
Pathetic players all, brain dead under mind control
And through it all we walk, on foot before the other
Blindly accepting our fate as we murder our brothers
I turn to you, darling I implore, please take my hand
So we can make some sense of this no man's land

An empty mind, filled slowly with seeds of doubt
No room for truth, one more thing to go without
Do as you're told, unthinking slave to belief
Go sell your soul, no price you ask is too steep
And the wounds on your palm, there for all to see
No care in downward glances, more truth in apathy
So as they're looking away, I beg thee, take my hand
We must find a way out of His no man's land

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