Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Too late

Is it too late
To turn back the clock?
To recapture that
Which was thought lost
A snippet of time
A golden halo of memory
An elfish smile
Love light in reflected eyes
Chase away the dark grey storm clouds
That once threatened
But now crash and tear
Drive a wedge between us
Slow malevolence, predicted outcome
Hopeless in the march, relentless

Is "yes" the answer?
Or only "maybe" disguised
Dressed in fine robes
A diplomat's blade concealed
Behind a flashing smile
Behind bright eyes
Warm kisses forever
Or not at all
Imprisoned my heart
In a pall of gloom
Day after lonely day
Staring into space
Or a mirror reflection, downcast eyes
A tired and craggy face

No more promises
Like empty vessels
I want you how you were
When I first met you
Not this shade you've become
Inanimate affection
Frozen lips, blind eyes
A poisoned tongue
I will wait forever
Patience of a stone
Under the ocean's thrall
Worn thinner than paper
Servant of Time's cruel hand
But happy to serve

Am I a slave
To empty affection
Running the gauntlet
Of a leaping heart
Hurt too often
And hurt, not caring
Page after page committed
To this bleeding art
Unfulfilled passion
Burned out flames
Empty bed at night
And pointless games
Too much to suffer for
No sign of respite

Silence, that eternal enemy
Unsure when to move
If at all

Words, rehearsed inside our minds
Seem so perfect
Until they're sound

I want to speak, I want to shout
I don't want to drown
But it's too late, the time has passed
Darkness pulls me down

Silent abyss
Of eternal night

Forlorn, I turn aside
Into the rain

At peace out here
Outside of pain

It's too late

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