Sunday, 26 May 2013

Is it really you?

You stand on top of your mountain
and you look down on me.
But I see your mask is breaking, your
lies get harder to believe.
Very soon the earth beneath your feet
is rumbling like an earthquake,
and your mountain will come down
and you won’t have the time to scream
before you hit the ground.

You say you’ve fought the bravest lion
with only a sling and stone.
You dragged its skin away with a carving knife
and brought it to your home.
You say there is a spirit buried in your heart. 
The only spirit I see comes from the bottle nestled in
the cradle of your hands.
A shot of instant illusion
to escape what life demands.

And I listen with an open mind
at the stories that you speak.
Life is stranger than fiction, but
at least I practice what I preach.
Your bravado like your mask crumbles,
you try so hard to become someone else
and you fall into the sea.
But Icarus had an excuse; for you
There’s none to see.

So I put up with your actions
and look the other way.
I’ve heard it all a million times
I know what you will say.
Sometimes life is hard, harder than you know.
But you might as well try
before you let it go.
Don’t let the mask you made
take over the rest of your life.
Allow yourself some breathing space and it’ll be all right.
Next time you look into that mirror and
see the person you try to cover up
with the lies and the illusions...
is it really you?

Is it really you?

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