Saturday, 11 May 2013


There is no soul
No faith
The door opened
And it escaped

On a flood of tears that spill from my eyes
I watch the big screen fill my mind
And before I am paralysed
I turn

And I run
The race it has begun
The end is in my sight
Is this the reason I am alive?

Hey, stranger, do you have the time for me?
Hey, stranger, do you have the will to see?

I keep on running
Along empty streets
My heart is pumping
Pavement and feet

Of all the tired worn out lies
Do you still believe in suicide?
Will it bring you near to God’s side?
If you run

I turn away
I have run my day
Done it my way
Am I too weak to pray?

Hey, mister, do you really have to stare?
Hey, mister, do you know enough to care?

Blindness robs me of more than my eyes
I still can see but I am blind
I turn away to hide the pain
I shun the light to see the rain…

Is it my fault?
Did I rock the boat?
Who am I trying to be?

Why should I live at all?
Why should I give at all?
What is wrong with misanthropy?

“He believed he was a solider of God, he was a good boy, ‘cause he believed what he was told, he always had faith, knew right from wrong, said his prayers at night, knew to whom he belonged, was never guilty of heresy or jealousy or spite, knew his place, lived right, loved his mother, honoured his father, did it for his country, born for his God, he lived for his God, cried for his God, fought for his God, would die for his God… he knew the price when they wheeled him off the production line, he was one of many, a number, not a face, set on earth for the ultimate race, to free his land, to free his kind, unleash the demons of his mind, these are your enemies, these are your foe, the harvest hath grown from the seeds we hath sown…”

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