Thursday, 2 May 2013

Wish List

You say you want a man,
One who is kind
Chivalrous he, who wouldn't
Twice think about giving you his coat
To ward off winter's chill

You say you want a man,
One who looks into your mind
To piece together long strains of conversation
In front of fire light
Dark red wines and glowing philosophy

You say you want a man,
Pure of heart, pure of mind
The sort happy with the chaste kiss at the doorstep
Then turns and says goodnight
And leaves you feeling needed

You say you want a man,
One who would take his time
To get it right, to find the real you
Each time, to miss you when you're apart
An artist who dabbles in painting and words

But even should you get what you want
It's not what you want
Not at all
You grow tired of sunsets and moonlight
And glowing conversations
And chastity

Love is a game for you
With which you grow bored
Throw them away
Move on

So evermore the wish list is polished and refined,
But we both know you will never be satisfied.