Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Darkness before light
Silence before sound
Void before memory
Lost before found

This is me
A non entity
A mark on an empty page
Disconnected rage
An eon from an earlier age
Trapped inside a cell
A primordial kind of hell
With nothing to guide me except a light
A single dot of light

Is it taking me home?

This is me
A non entity
Conceived in pain
Borne in pain; pain that I have caused
An ideology so profound
That from nothing I have arisen
And nothing new from nothing comes so
In this form I’m bound

Malignant entity
An unknown quantity
A cry without an end
This is me,
A non entity
Something to forget.

So, guide me in towards the light.
Take me away from the night.
The price I pay, is it too high?
Will I come out of life alive?

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