Monday, 30 September 2013


I want to dive in this cold water
At the bottom of this glass will I find some peace?
Away from the heckles of the idiotic
And the ignorant
Who need to open their eyes and maybe learn how to live
Step out and feel that breeze through their hair
Maybe take some risks, realise
It's fine to take a few seconds to not care
If you step off the line, you can step right on back
You don't always need a street map
To walk along the track

It's fine, take five
Learn to read the signs
If I wanted to share the intimate moments of my day
I'd hire a screen on Times Square for everyone to see
Maybe post a poll online, seven choices, make the ratings game
Why bother me with the minutiae when my replies
Are one word, a death glare
Leave me to myself for a few
Better yet, put the meatloaf in the oven, shut the fuck up
And stop being a slave to indecision
Your second guesses are crippling anything in your head
That even resembles intuition 

Take the hint
I want to live inside my head tonight
Take the hint
I'm trying not to bite
Please back off with the questions
Step aside

I just want to dive...

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