Tuesday, 17 September 2013


The battle joined for your attention
Throwing dice, to make a connection
Loudest voices will entreat
And those softly spoken, soon retreat

Once tasted, love, is bitter sweet
As at an altar we fall at your feet
The sun and moon pale, entranced
Bitter is the ashes of doomed romance

I believe in love but
Love doesn't believe in me

I once had a song to sing
But the silence has taken me

All I can do is stand back and dream
Hoping to find that flawless seam
The promise of forever, at my outstretched hand
Torn asunder, I can barely stand


I believed in love but
Love doesn't believe in me

I once had words to say
But someone stole them from me

Too often given, way too soon
You are the sun, and I am the moon
I can only glow at your behest
And hope next time to pass the test...

"...the poet, his words a blunt sword,
...to have his precious art ignored...
...is to die so many agonising deaths...
...until he has buried any and all regrets..."

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