Thursday, 19 September 2013

Not quite the happy ending promised

If I called your name in my moment of need
Would you come, would you release me
From this purgatory where I flutter like a caged bird
All for the sake of a smile, for the sake of a word

This penny I throw into the wishing well
I close my eyes as I pray to God to save me from this hell
And the image of so many angels lining up to take their piece of me
As the laughing devils split the sky and nail me to a tree

I call for salvation
Repent my sins
As I count my losses
You notch up the wins

No thorny crown for you, no submission in a shirt made of hair
As I stand on the precipice, thirty floor over the street, do I accept your dare?
Will you catch me in my free fall as I surrender to gravity
Or will I just be a mark on the pavement and a space in the obituaries?

I call for forgiveness
Wash my hands of my sins
Lost count of my losses
But account for your wins

Around you gather your disciples, thirteen faces at the feast
As I starve out here in the wilderness, a petty morsel for the beasts
If I called out your name to save me now, release me from my pain
Would you answer my call, catch me as I fall... or is it all in vain?

Do you even know me at all...?

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