Tuesday, 17 September 2013

...only love

Love... only love...

Pre-dawn grey, shadows peel from the corner of the room
Where we lay deep in slumber
Outside, winter calls, a voice heavy with sadness
Punctuated by rolls of thunder

Your hair spills in silky rivers over your pillowcase
As you roll over, caught in this dream
I could stare forever at the imperfect symmetry of your smile
As the world around me comes apart at its seams

It's love... only love...

Sure, the stone is semi-precious, the gold ring plated only
But the circle never ends, love
That's how we want this love to be

Outside, soft rain is falling, gently tapping on our windowpanes
We can watch the clouds chase across the sky
A stretch of silver for eternity

This is love... only love...

3.37 am
The bedside clock, in red lights
Counts out the minutes I am not sleeping
Entranced by this angel in my sights

While my eyelids drag and threaten to close
I fight the need for sleep
It's one thing to have you in the waking world
But so different in the world of dreams

Oh... this love...

Sunrise, sunshine
Eventually you will open your eyes
I want to be the first person you see
I want you to smile at me...

My love...

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