Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Feel their eyes looking, searching, deep
Inside your soul
Your skin crawls, a thousand millions
Fingers hold you in thrall
You try to run but your legs are iron
You try to scream but your mouth is sealed
All you can do is endure, endure
And pray
That you wake up this time

This is the world beyond the closing of eyes
A land leagues beyond mere comprehension
Shifting faster than the eye can blink
Feeding forever on your apprehension
A world of darkness and shifting shapes
Where the brightest joy becomes darkest despair
This is the world where the deepest truths
Reveal themselves to be the worst nightmare

Are you awake, or part of another's dream?
Are there rips at the edges of reality's seams?
Is the sun a ball of blood sinking into an ocean of black?
If you set down this path of bones... will you make it back...


This barren, empty wasteland, under an amber sky
Dotted with pointing finger crags, yearning the reason why
Sterile breeze picks up the sounds of footfalls scraping towards the flat horizon
Which eludes and taunts and slinks away, after every hard fought mile
Suddenly the air is thick and grips your naked body crushes your lungs
There will be no screams as you recognise these shadows from your past
Parade before you clad not in flesh, but bone, a mocking, knocking cast

This is the world behind closed eyes,
Hidden from our waking view
By the drawn veil of deepest slumber
When consciousness is bid adieu
A sneak peek, perhaps, of the realm beyond?
Who are we to tell
But as one's heart beat slow, slows, then stops
It is replaced by Death's tolling bell