Tuesday, 30 July 2013

What am I?

We only talk to fill the silence
There is nothing that important left to say
I know your dreams as if they were mine
But inside them I am nowhere to be seen

What am I?
A question that has no answer
At least one you don't want to make
I often wonder
When the night is at its darkest
How much more of this I can take?

You only want to talk when you need something
And like the fish upon the line I heed your call
Once the deal is done and I am left wanting
It's back to the coldness I am forced to crawl

What am I?
This token act of friendship
A guttered candle that can barely survive
I often wonder
When the night is at its darkest
Will I come out of this alive

I can feel the dark waters calling
Cold upon my naked skin
And it takes all of my effort to keep on fighting
And yes, there are times I want to cave in
I can only fight these feelings for so long
Ride from low to high, low to high
I guess I have to weigh the options,
Am I too scared of living, or am I afraid to die?

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